Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day, Prom, Rope Making and More

In an effort to keep up with this blog, I want to share some photos from Amani's first weeks home. In this photo montage you will see our beautiful daughter, Lauren, and her date, Max, before her senior prom. Our baby is graduating from high school in three weeks!

Here are a few shots of Amani having fun with his siblings. It is so much fun to realize, "Oh, wow, he's probably never played in a cardboard box before!"

We are home schoolers, and one of the things I like so much about it is the things you can be doing midday when everyone else is in the classroom. These are photos of the kids at a beautiful coastal property where they learned to make rope and shoot a bow and arrow. It was a fantastic day and Amani loved being outside and having his first picnic.

Mother's Day was lovely. We spent the first part of the day with my side of the family and the second with Bret's. My only mother's Day wish was that I would be given time to shower and put on make-up. My family made my wish come true! Here are some photos of Mother's Day fun, including Amani taking a nap on Sissy.

Lastly, some photos of our cute little 15-month old guy. He is just so precious and photogenic! He thinks I am so funny. I wish everyone in the house got such a big kick out of my antics.


Becky said...

I love the updates! Amani is just too cute.

Jodi said...

Oh Amani is just adorable and it looks like you are all getting back to the routine --- Happy settling in!!!