Thursday, October 23, 2008

The I Love You Song

Here is our next song and video! The kids are having so much fun making these and seeing the finished product. Bret and the kids wrote the song together and then Avonlea sang lead and Olivia & Jordy sang back-up. Our old lab Asia even got to make a cameo appearance.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our family adoption song

Here is our latest video project. Bret wrote this song and then Lauren learned to play it and the kids each sang their own parts. Our family knows what it is like to wait for that call - and to know that your baby is out there waiting for you. Please share this video with any family that you think would enjoy it. I am so proud of my wonderful children!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

About the Video

My 8 year-old Avonlea and my husband made this video when I was in the city with my two youngest last Thursday. They wrote the song together, my daughter sang it and then they made a video that my hubby edited. I think it came out really great! They are already working on project number two which will include little brother and sister. Incidentally, the morning after this video was made, Av woke up sick with stomach cramps and vomiting. I couldn't believe how much dough she consumed while they were filming. Hope you enjoy!

My Daughter's Music Video

Backyard Camp out!

     Last night the kids and I slept in the backyard in our tent.  I am trying to remind myself to say "yes" to them as often as possible.  Kids are always hearing, "in a minute", "maybe later" and "not right now" from grow-ups.  When they came to me and asked if we could have a camp out - most of me wanted to say "not tonight", "maybe when it gets warmer" (like next summer!) and just plain "no guys".  But I took a deep breath and said yes.  They were so excited!  We had a great time.  Daddy made roasted marshmallows in the oven which were actually amazing.  We watched a movie, giggled, snuggled, etc.  I froze all night.  I kept hearing odd sounds that I know were just chestnuts dropping off the trees.  But I did it - and it was fun.  Everyday I am adding in more "yes" and less "no".  Not as much laundry gets done.  The floor really needs to be swept.  We are behind a day or two on our math - but it is worth it.

     I had these ideas about everything I needed to get done before we add baby - making our home a family of seven.  All the things on my list were about the house, shopping, schedules, home improvement projects and the like.  I think that all we need to focus on before we bring the baby home is being extra sure that everyone feels secure and loved.  Making time for EVERYONE should be the goal above making time for EVERYTHING.  

     Many families in our agency have been receiving referrals at 6 months on the list.  We are almost at our 5 month marker!  We are getting very close - so our new focus is going to be saying "yes" and enjoying the heck out of each other!