Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jordan's Nap

The kids have had some very late nights this week and they are all very tired. I usually try to have about an hour of "quiet time" for them while the baby is napping. Today Jordan was so grumpy and weepy that he lost it when I said it was time for "quiet time". I felt bad for him. He was devastated. I walked him to his room and showed him that he could play with Legos or his new magic set. I offered about ten suggestions and then started to leave. As I was closing the door I said, "You could also lay down and take a little rest." Oh, sure! But a mom has to try. I knew that was what he needed but I didn't feel inspired to force the issue. I waited an hour and just went down to let them know that they could get back to playing together, and this is what I found. He was fast asleep, snoring- burried beneath a blanket and a nerf toy that looks rather like a large, round face. My little guy!

Some of This and That....

The kiddos staged an impromptu black-tie dance party in the familyroom this morning. This photo shows Avonlea trying to console her suited up brother after Amani refused to square dance with him. :(

Iknow that a lot of bloggers are working on the one photo for everyday project. I would love to participate -but I don't have much faith in my follow through right now. I will try to post more this year than last, and occasionally post just a photo when time is short.


Amani is doing very well. He is happy and his blood counts are always good. After they found the last lump on his ckull, we went back to an intensive chemo every week for six weeks. Now instead of dropping to every three weeks like we did last time, we are going every two weeks. He had the two weeks around the holidays off which was very nice. He did spend the first week getting the medicine out of his system but it was great not to have to drive to UCSF. He will go back tomorrow for his next dose of chemo and we will start a five day dose of prednisone. He seems to have a rash around his mouth that is "wart-like". They are all around his chin and near his eyes. The doctors say that they will go away when his body is better able to fight them. He's still about as cute as they come!