Friday, February 13, 2009

My little guy...

I am so grateful to have received news about my little one at the HOH. I am told by a visiting parents that he is big and healthy with long eyelashes! He IS walking! When this parent was visiting he was asleep and was pulling the blankets up over his head. Three of my kids slept this way when they were babies. It made me so nervous that they wouldn't be able to breathe, but they loved it that way. My heart longs to hold him, but I can't express the peace and gratitude I have felt by hearing accounts of folks who have actually laid eyes and hands on him. I am going to do my very best when we travel to bring as much information as I can to the families still waiting. It is invaluable.


35 days until court.

Monday, February 9, 2009

39 Days To Go

Happy Birthday, Amani!

Today our little one will celebrate his first birthday in Ethiopia at the House of Hope. My heart is aching to hold him, comfort him and know him. We are going to go to our local Ethiopian restaurant with the family to celebrate - but the guest of honor will be missing.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

47 Days and counting.....

We have 47 days left until our court date. I know there are so court dates from our agency coming up this week - and I hope a trend of passing on the first try begins. I have booked our flight and our guesthouse. It seems more real everyday.

I am the kind of person who always carries around a very long to-do list. Sometimes I joke that if I spent as much time doing things on my list as I do transferring my list and making it longer - I wouldn't need a list anymore! My newest list is "Things that need to be done before March 31st". March 31st is the day we are scheduled to leave. This list is very long, but at least it is only the most pertinent items. It feels great to cross off "book Flight" and "book guesthouse". Today I have also been able to cross off "baby shower invite list to Carrie", "wash Amani's carseat cover" and ""wash Amani's clothes".

There is a family in Ethiopia right now that may look in on our little guy when they are at Numan. I would be so thrilled to get any news. CHI has also promised photos - although with our baby at Numan, I worry that we may be last on the list for photos.

Here are a few pictures from Av's 9th birthday. She picked out a cat from the shelter as her gift. It is a great cat. We all love her!