Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Photos of our little bedbugs!

CIS Fingerprints are done!

Bret and I went in yesterday and got our CIS fingerprints done.  It is so exciting that we are so near the end of the paperwork phase of the adoption process.  We are waiting on one letter of reference to be notarized, and my mom is coming over this afternoon to take a "semi-formal" photo of Bret and I for the dossier.  We originally sent our application in to Children's Hope right after Thanksgiving, and now here we are.  I remember very early on someone telling me that if you were really on top of things, and treated the dossier like a job, you could get it all done in about 3 months.  It has been more like 4 months for us, but the end of the paper chase is in sight!

We had a great weekend, and are just getting adjusted to the time change.  Av and Liv were in a little play yesterday called "BedBugs".  It was very cute.  They did a great job.  Lauren opens her show "Footloose" this Saturday and it will run for two weekends.  We are looking forward to seeing it.

I am getting all the fliers in the mail right now for summer camps and classes.  I can't believe that I have to start planning the summer schedule before Easter.  As soon as the dossier is totally finished, I will jump on the summer plan.